4 Important Roles of a Pastor In Marriage and Relationship

Pastors are called by God having a mandate and a focused full-time assignment to God, winning souls and been a shepherd to the flock. Most of the time, people tend to wonder, what exactly is the pastors role other than preaching and praying for people, especially in marriage and relationship?

At most its not noticeable that a pastor can be your adviser, motivator, mentor and friend in some cases. Having a place to worship and pray is a best thing that can ever happen to a person, more especially if you have a friendly servant of God. Your church pastor’s first mandate is to win souls, carry out Administrative duties and assigned to deal with other staff that concern you directly.

A pastor keeps an eye on everyone under covering. Its there responsibility to curb a problem, its someone you rush to and seek counsel or direction. A pastor may advise on how appropriate you must address the issue, including having to pray with you. Every pastor has a high level of of responsibility, and there is just so much that a pastor can do including grooming of future better leaders through delegating responsibilities at church, but in this post we’re focusing on “Roles of a Pastor in Marriage and relationship.

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Sometimes people avoid having there pastor play any role in there love life. But after reading this, I guarantee you will not give it a second thought on why that your pastor should really be part of your marriage or relationship. Proceed to have insight on the noted facts about Important Roles of your Pastor;

An Arbitrator. In marriage and any Relationship there is a high chance of you having a dispute with your partner. Its all the time things will be swift and well, so when the need for a middle man arises the pastor is the right person to call. He role in your marriage is to build and restore back the happy balance you had before. Helps to fix your marriage, plays a role of a third person that guides and listens to both sides, helping suggest a better solution and passes a fair judgement of who’s wrong and right.

Marriage counselor. He is someone who has probably gone ahead of you in almost everything, therefore marriage counseling capabilities wouldn’t miss. At times any marriage and relationship is like a business venture. To succeed the owner at times would go and seek direction from those in the same field but longer. Think of marriage been a ladder and it is dependent on the effort you put in, how best you treat your partner and direction you drive that relationship, which determines how happily you stay. From matters of children, love to how best you can please your wife, finding a husband, a pastor will guide you effectively and giving you all the knowledge .

Marriage Comforter. It becomes hard to rely on mare people due to the fact some individuals really can not keep and secret and its not advisable to be going round caring a load of pain on your shoulders. Depression is a disease and its effect can very bad if allowed to take its course. Places individuals in place of isolation, which can cause you to say away from the face of God. Once you begin to feel broken, neglected and lost its the best time to locate your pastor and offload the weight, after this it will significantly improve the quality of life and your family.

Your Marriage Trainer. Its a responsibility of your pastor but only if you yourself is willing to learn on how to do certain things. Whether its all about life challenges and issues of marriage, together with dating or selecting a suitable trainer. Its part of the churches ministry to help provide needed improvement in those areas of marriage you might be having challenges.


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