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5 Ways To Love Your Zambian Spouse And Maintain Peace

Zambia is a very beautiful country, blessed with peace, not forgetting the beautiful lifestyle people enjoy. But complications follow, especially those in love sometimes, men having issues with there wives (Zambian women) and vice versa . According to Dailymail, records show over 28,000 cases of divorces are recorded annually. This is avoided if you know How To Love Your Spouse And Maintain A Happy Stable Relationship. And since you are here it means you really don’t want to go down the same lane, but really want to work tings out and enter the next phase with you spouse.


Communities are supportive of marriage and commitments made. But In as much as it is easy for you to find a partner, its a different case to enjoying a long term happy relationship because pressure draws into play and all over sudden fights escalate, disrespect in some cases, leading to Gender based violance (GBV) and later a divorce .

People get married almost everyday, couples seeing having tremendous moments, which is why its a prolific thing to understand Ways To Love Your Zambian Spouse. Citizens have a right to choose and enjoy love to the extreme with no restrictions, which is a social need, no one is deprived of this according to the law. But let’s not forget its your duty to understand special ways on how to treat your woman and man.

Since ancient times it is believed “if people just truly love one another, then surely they stay together”. But the bigger question is understanding exactly how to truly stay in love as husband and wife. So before you jump to 5 ways of how to love your spouse, Women always remember Ephesians 5:22 in line with submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord, while Ephesians 5:25 commands Husbands to love your wives. Alternatively you can check these scriptures about love and marriage. Most couples on our Facebook page had openly stated reasons for not getting much out of there relationships been because of not knowing ways to treat each other with love and respect, so Here Are;

5 ways on how to love your spouse better than before.

If you don’t better ways to love your spouse, take note that in fact, sometimes all you need is the application of some initiative.

1. Be considerate of your partners wants and feelings

Every society prefers to have individuals who take the feelings of others into consideration and not been self-centered. It becomes a problem in a developing country like Zambia been all about your self. And in those situations woman and in this country don’t enjoy been with such a a man and woman. Take time to ask what matters the most for your partner, is there anything she wants? learn more about your husband or wife, practice patience focus on each others emotions. Ask yourself: What does he need? What does he want? How can I really help him? How we deal with this issue as partners from a similar perspective?

2. Don’t be quick to react when there is a problem

Understand the movements of your spouse and love languages is important, make some efforts to try as much possible not to act on mare rumors and speculations concerning that relationship or marriage. do one thing each day to speak your spouse’s love language. Remember love is a language of affirmation that only two people practicing it can understand. Be gentle to react, slip a note into the pocket before living, formally request a formal talk to work out issues.

3. Always say what you need.

Been together simply means, taking care and sharing of responsibilities. You become caretakers when married,therefore and give too much hid in exciting one another with gifts if necessary. Don’t focus too much on taking care of everyone else apart from your love partner. Ask yourself what you need and then express it to your friend. As a man, ask sometimes What what can she really need? and surprise your woman with gifts when she less expect.

4. Always continue practicing love tricks

Love should not decrease the moment you settle down together. Ensure you find time, probably after your arrival at work before that first assignment to send a love text. Or just simply type and tell him or her that one thing you love the most. Its not easy to maintain with a tight schedule but you can Set a reminder on your phone reminding you to do one practical thing each day at the same time. This will help your partner know you value them so much. Call her that name she like, create room for having fan probably go out to see a gospel concert or a soccer match.

5. Never forget to Say thank you and sorry.

There is really no special way on How to love your marriage partner by showing them just how much through been quick to appreciate them. When in the wrong, instead of arguing and fighting, just simply sate how sorry you are and find a way to solve the difference between the two of you.

Most of the times people tend to justify who’s wrong, but for the sake of your relationship and love. Be quick to accept responsibility

Hope you have enjoyed this article and probably learnt a thing on special ways about How To Love Your Spouse And Maintain A Happy Relationship. Don’t forget to share !



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