5 Ways To Fix A Broken Marriage Or Relationship

Your Can still Fix A Broken Marriage, Don’t quit on it just yet

In Africa they say, “a devil you know is way better than the angel you do not know.” All was well from the start not until couples begin to go against each other. Sudden fights and misunderstanding so now search for ways to repair a broken marriage. Many comment on the subject, saying, “there is a level when a relationship is not worth serving”.

Personally i disagree due to my past experience over the matter. Yes, feelings begin to deplete, leading to loss of interest towards each other. At times it might be later realized, its caused by what you must have done that’s making them act in a certain manner.

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Mostly caused by lack of direction in your marriage, sense of understanding and failure in finding a common ground. In western countries it’s okay for ladies to argue with a man, but in Africa once that it’s for him it becomes a way to bail out and look elsewhere for happiness and joy, including that which he feels has been missing with you.

Then what comes next is a terrible betrayal, walks to you and says, “this is not working, lets go our different ways.” find means to save your relationship and deal with a broken marriage because this is going to live you so hurtful, you fail to understand what’s causing such behaviors, the disappointments, these events can predict whether or not your marriage is going to survive further.

If this is how far you and your husband have gone, try these ways to fix your marriage or relationship

Here are common ways to fix a broken marriage or relationship

1. Pay attention to each other always

Ladies take things serious, unless you understand how to fix a broken marriage, this includes even the smallest details. Don’t interrupted when your partner is trying to raise a point that’s going to help serve your relationship. Let them know you actually want to work things, be a good listener to the points been raise.

Don’t be a type that likes to be over talking, Show deep concern in resolving the issue or quarrel at hand through giving into the discussion your effort and time until it gets settled

2. Avoid Common conflicts.

Knowing what your partner does not enjoy is a very important aspect to repair a broken marriage and in all this. Have common knowledge about each other not go on your borders and cause war. For example, if your partner states not to be in the mood of going out, don’t force or to question why? This will lead to desperation, then doubts and then you later fail to recognizing each other.

3. Put the past behind you.

Sometimes Seemingly out of nowhere you raise up a matter that belongs buried in the past. This is out of character, and not good for your relationship and marriage. Certain words from the past over what she did, may hurt too much to ever heal again, if you are to fix a broken relationship and broken marriage wounds from the past, because they cut so deep than the present, and must not be what builds your relationship.

Avoid adding salt to the wounded partner, this will not solve and resolve your marriage or relationship. Don’t press on one another to see who did something big in the past and who’s causing everything and how far it has come, again history is history.

Fin room for a valid conversation, focus on the issues to build and not digging up past dirt, this will only brake you even more if you don’t push forward to show real concern and love her for the health of your relationship. When one partner feels he or she is not making progress, other than been hurt and reminded of past mistakes discussed but you seem to still hold onto them, fortifying it with bad examples they sense are coming from the past , significantly drives them away from you to reach extreme levels of hurting you even more.

4. Trusting each other can fix a broken relationship.

Find a mutual position to stall your love trusting issues. No matter what’s going on, trust and belief in your marriage towards each other always exist.Don’t be a person that cause on your partner with inhuman names, raising speculations of cheating on you when the main issue it hand is not adultery. Concentrate on that energy, on the deep reasons of why you choose to be with her in the first place. How angry, broken, hurt, or bad of a mood you are having , its not subtle to bring vengeful trust acts toward each other.

This causes distress with the situation you are having at hand and really no way it will make things work out between the two of you. Mistrust in your partner challenges and affirms you do not really understand even what the bible says concerning love and marriage. know the partner you are with in the first place. Because a person you know too well, you will by all means and power trust them.

7. Be accountable and take the responsibility.

Taking shorts and trying to justify you are the master who is always right, taking a side corner will just cause havoc in that your marriage. Pointing fingers, playing a blame game is nothing but a power play and a relation, more especially a happy one can never be built on power but love. Just observe what you have done most importantly what the other person thinks, being the chief stone to accept the blame at times, the mistakes, ride on the root cause, why did this start? how did it get to this level? what exactly was it that I have done wrong?

There is a magic moment in both partners you realize that its not worth it to play a winning game and this would have ended long ago, had you just taken the responsibility and accountable for actions.

To conclude; i believe hope is still there in your marriage since there is life. Take a mile step from this moment be passionate about your marriage or relationship, avoid been angry or upset when you are supposed to sit in the room wishing yourselves good moments and projecting over your future together. Remember, the devil you know is better than the angel you have not known, the person you are with is the angel God gave you.

Search for signs of a broken marriage, form a more concrete door to ensure that marriage is repaired relationship and bars so strong to break. Finally don’t become a couple that was once-loving who allowed their relationship to disappear into a lifeless, due to high, increased fights, angry energy in each other not to see what you have because its not easy been able to actually fix a broken marriage., so don’t destroy it in the first place.


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