A child is a gift from God Bible Verse

The Bible tells us time and time again in His Word that all children are gifts from God. Every life, every child is a gift and a blessing. Whether they bring pride and joy to parents. A child is a gift from God Bible Verse. Article shares which Bible verse says children are a gift from God accoding to scripture and bible.

Or they teach us to be more patient and forgiving. Children are a gift from God and a source of growth for His kingdom on earth. The book of Psalm 127:3-4 says the following words: Children are indeed a heritage from the LORD, children, a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth.

Which Bible verse says children are a gift from God?

The scripture explains that children are indeed a gift from the Almighty. This means it is God who gives children to parents and gives them freely. The fruit of the womb just like some other gifts, however, is not for everyone. Not everyone has the privilege to have children. Even in the Bible, there are examples like Sarah the wife of Abraham who was barren (Genesis 11:30). Another example is Hannah (1 Samuel 1:6). Nevertheless, these women’s stories end on a good note as both of them were able to have children, given by God.

The lesson we learn from the stories of Hannah and Sarah gives hope to those who are barren or impotent that God is able to provide children when we petition him to.

Now that the Lord has provided children, how then should we take care of them? Proverbs 22:6 instructs parents to teach children the way they ought to go so that when they are older, they will certainly not depart from it. God does not give anything without providing how to use it. This scripture is essential in the upbringing of a child. Therefore, it is the parents’ task to raise children in the right way. Parents are to find time to be with their children to instill in them morals befitting in the eyes of the Lord.

According to the Bible in the book of Mark 10:14, Jesus holds children in high esteem and instructs the elderly not to prevent children from going to the Lord for it is to them that the Kingdom of God belongs. Therefore, it is imperative that parents should not hinder their children from going to church or participating in church programs for it is their Father’s house and his (God’s) kingdom belongs to them.

Additionally, Jesus instructs parents and the elderly alike not to despise little children because they have angels in heaven who constantly see the face of God (Matthew 18:10). These angels do give reports of how we treat these children. If the report is bad, God will certainly deal with us on behalf of the children.

However, when children error in one way or the way, the Bible provides disciplinary measures. Parents may administer these, and if need be, Proverbs 13:24 allows them to spank children and not to spare a rod because doing so, is the same as hating them.


Which Bible verse says children are a gift from God? [Answe] A child is a gift from God Bible Verse includes Mark 10:14, Psalm 127:3-4 and Genesis 11:30. A child is indeed a gift from God. However, when he gives these children, he expects parents to raise them in a godly manner which pleases the giver.



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