“Chakolwa Mu Shanty Preaches Corruption, Not an Insult”, Says Pilato

Fumba Chama popularly known as Pilato has once again might endure the wrath of politicians, after releasing another controversial song tilted “Chakolwa Mu Shanty”. Pilato has continued himself, to prove he is one of the best artiste in the country that stand for the people. “FACT! I always knew I’m a citizen and was that first before people said I am THE BEST. Everyone you think is the best, but for me I make music to speak for the voiceless,” Said Pilato, during a phone interview.


Over the past several days, the self-proclaimed ‘Zambian Giant’ has been on a nonstop Twitter binge and Facebook trend. His most recent tune, has continued to stir controversy with critics slamming him for perceived arrogance and others applauding him for the creativity. “Remember I Told you I was the musician for the people and most of you laughed and said I should be grateful for small fonts and others thought I would stop talking about public matters. I pray that you learn from me, I mean this in no bragging way and the wise know that the Future of Zambian democracy and good leadership, depends on the kind of strength, unity, interest in governance and resilience we show as youths.

But his followers were quick to remind him that some artistes paved the way for him so he shouldn’t consider himself the best to come out of Zambia and getting involved on national matters. “NOBODY was mentioned in my new song. I have been out here and we each have a responsibility to interpret it in any way. Known for his smart tirades, it has however taken on a new dimension since he was once arrested for releasing similar tracks.




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