Churches In Zambia Remain Closed amid Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus in Zambia, Republican president Edgar C. Lungu, announced an immediate lock down of all churches. In the quest to control and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, covid-19 pandemic which has taken over the world and major cities. A lock down, includes major gatherings, funerals, eating restaurants and drinking places inclusive.

Today the silence could be felt in the streets on Lusaka, major churches known to uplift the spirit of God. People could be seen broken and not happy, but left with a little thing they can do, hoping for the best and praying all will soon get back to normal.

Critics have taken time to express there sentiments on social media and views. On the other hand others have claimed this is the time to join hands in prayer and move forwarding. Our lives belong to God,therefore its not an issue of closing churches but what God can do about this Coronavirus disease.


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