Dominus ft Ephraim - Androphile
Dominus ft Ephraim - Androphile

This Alpha male is best described as a Pacesetter who happens to be a fantastic Poet named DOMINUS drops his new song Androphile featuring Ephraim. He’s been performing, entertaining & ministering in churches, weddings n other social / corporate events but during the previous lock down due to corona virus pandemic, he spent much time in his apartment & ended up falling in Love.

Dominus Has This To Say About The Song/Poet

I have been performing n entertaining as well as ministering in churches, weddings n every other social / corporate event. But during the previous global lock-down due to corona-virus pandemic, I could spend much time in my apartment with the Son of David & ended up falling in Love even more. So now am in an intimate relationship (kinda crazy uhu?…but yeah, am the man in love with the Son Of Man y’all🤷🏾‍♂️). Now that we are no longer quarantined, I have come out to publicly share my Love story in form of “spoken word artistry”.

Well, the title was made up from vague knowledge of Greek, by putting two bits together, which is the prefix “Andro” meaning “Man” & “phile”, denoting “Love for something” – so the Poem is entitled ANDROPHILE; which happens to be my first official released single featuring Ephraim.

Enjoy and be blessed


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