Ephraim Denies Doing a Song With Chanda Na Kay

Ephraim - Ichinso Chenu
Ephraim - Ichinso Chenu


Zambia’s gospel award winner and music minister Ephraim has come out openly, and denies rumor spreading on social media about him doing a song with Chanda and Kay. Rumor of Ephraim featuring Chanda Na Kay has created a strong trend and buzz. Through his journey in ministry, having only collaborated with Macky 2. This has been so, despite Chanda and Kay been the most happening musician in the country.

Having done some hits such as Ah Nde Twa, Alikwi, Eh and Bella among others, only but few of Chanda Na Kay songs, making headlines on radio charts through out the country.

Ephraim’s statement has continued to receive mixed reactions on Facebook!. Some of his fans who’re welcoming the rumor. Encouraging the minister to go through. But still majority praised him for not featuring these secular musician. He’s repudiation. seems to be leading some Zambians believing that the two are having a secret collaboration arrangement.

“Probably maybe even discussed it but just didn’t go through with it”, ‘Some fans lamented’. But there’s no such thing as, “Ephraim featuring Chanda Na Kay”, He said.

DISCLAIMER I Ephraim son of Africa have not in anyway done a song with chanda na kay and this poster is FAKE.Theredore, i distance myself from this poster. My management team is on the ground pursuing the matter to bring to book those involved.THANKS…

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