Ephraim - Ichinso Chenu
Ephraim - Ichinso Chenu

Gospel phenomenal minister Ephraim the Son of Africa, currently has more than six years recorded studio albums selling in the world. Whats your favorite Ephraim mulecita ifipya album Songs? Ephraim apparently announced taking a break from music, after his next album, call to the Nations. Definitely almost all the song from this album, have proven to be fire worship anthems.

Having ministered to millions through out his musician career, its apparent the gospel envoy intents to become more of a mentor. Out of the six recorded studio works, Mulecita Ifipya album, been the most searched, and soulful worship songs. You can preview songs by Ephraim, off this Album below and follow the link to download.

Top 12 Ephraim Mulecita Ifipya Album Songs

1. Ndiwenu

2. Mulecita Ifipya

3. Mulandwilako

4. Nimwe Yahweh

5. Ndelolela Imwe

6. You’re with Us

7. Twalilubulwa

8. Teti Ndabe

9. Ntangilileni

10. Heavenly Father

11. I Am a Winner

12. Ndiwenu (Acoustic Version)


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