Ephraim - No Situation
Ephraim - No Situation

Sensational Gospel Artiste Ephraim for over 10 years has continued to release the best music. Ephraim holds more than six studio albums of worship and praise. The contemporary gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist always makes fresh holy songs in Zambia. Most celebrated album titles include “Teti Ntwishike”, “Fixing my eyes”, “No situation”, “Mulecita Ifipya” and Mungu “Usie Lala” album.

Ephraim’s music reveals in-depth gratitude to God for the comfort into his life. The beautiful Afrocentric songs of thanksgiving are “Healer”, “Mulandwilako”, “I need you more”, among others reminiscing about God’s everlasting love.

Here’s is a list of all the songs from Ephraim Son of Africa Albums worth listening to.

Fixing My Eyes Album

This is the first album coming from Ephraim, released in the year 2013 month of August.

1. If the Rocks Cry Out

2. Let It Go

3. The Life in Me

Teti Ntwishike Album

This album was dropped on December 2014, yet another powerful studio effort coming from Ephraim Son of Africa.

1. Ndemikabila Ine

2. Teti Ntwishike

3. I Need You More

4. Umweo Wandi Ni Yesu

5. Jericho

6. Mweba Mushilo

7. He’s Alive Play

8. Isuleni Imyulu

9. This Kind of God

10. Wamweo Nimwe

11. Tamucinja Iyo

12. Usiye Lala (feat. Njamba)

Preserved Album

1. Healer Come

2. Show Us Your Glory

3. Preserved

4. The Same Power

5. Even in the Fire

6. Let Everything

7. Your Holy Presence

8. I Bow

9. I Can Do All Things

10. I’m Fulfilled

11. Come Touch Heal

12. Holy Spirit Move

13. All the Glory

14. Thank You for the Cross

No Situation Album

1. We Say Yes

2. The More You Wait

3. No Situation

4. Kalenga Wandi

5. Ichinso Chenu

6. Nimwe Nshila

7. No Other Name

8. Breathe on Us

9. Crossing Over

10. How I Wish

11. He Loves Me

12. Inde Bwana

13. No Situation (Bonus Track)

Mulecita Ifipya Album

1. Ndiwenu

2. Mulecita Ifipya

3. Mulandwilako

4. Nimwe Yahweh

5. Ndelolela Imwe

6. You’re with Us

7. Twalilubulwa

8. Teti Ndabe

9. Ntangilileni

10. Heavenly Father

11. I Am a Winner

12. Ndiwenu (Acoustic Version)

Mungu Usie Lala Album

1. Nakuitaji Mungu

2. Siwezi Ishi

3. Sina Mashaka

4. Moyo Wangu Ni Yesu

5. Angusha Yeriko

6. Mtakatifu

7. Fungua Mbigu

8. Wa Huruma

9. Mungu Usie Lala

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