Esther Jonathan Ft Kae Strings – Chant (DEEPER EXPERIENCE)


In the ethereal collaboration between Esther Jonathan and Kae Strings lies a transcendent musical offering—an enchanting chant DEEPER EXPERIENCE CHANT BY ESTHER JONATHAN that transcends mere melody. With each note delicately woven, their collaboration invites listeners into a sacred space of spiritual resonance and introspection.

Esther Jonathan’s soulful vocals intertwine seamlessly with the haunting melodies of Kae Strings, creating a tapestry of sound that speaks directly to the heart. This chant is more than just music; it is a divine invocation—DEEPER EXPERIENCE CHANT BY ESTHER JONATHAN is a call to the depths of the soul, beckoning seekers to a higher realm of spiritual awareness and communion with the divine. In the harmonious fusion of their talents, Esther Jonathan and Kae Strings have crafted a melodic masterpiece—a sacred offering that resonates with the timeless truths of faith, hope, and love.


The Deeper Experience Chant from Deeper Experience Program 1.0 is a sound that was birthed in the place of prayer and hunger for more of God.. This is a chant that will bless you and cause you to love God more… #estherjonathan#deeperexperiencechant#prayerchant Available on all platforms 👇🏾🙏🏾 https://social.tunecore.com/linkShare…

A generation that is hungry and desperately seeking the face of God… Such a great delight to minister our sound. Jesus Revealed and Glorified Forever This Sound: It is A Prayer Chant A Chant that brings Healing Stirs up one to pray and intercede A Sound of Hope and Revival… I hope this blesses you🙏🏾 We are This Generation !! #estherjonathan #deeperexperiencechant #chants #viral #trending #explore #koinoniaglobal #koinoniabuja #gospel


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