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[AUDIO] Joe Praize – My Love Song

My Love Song
Joe Praize – My Love Song

Joe Praize shared this powerful song, “My Love Song” with us sometime back. Stay blessed as you hid to this song. Enjoy


[AUDIO] Ada – I Testify

I Testify
I Testify

I Testify from a Nigerian Gospel singer “ADA”. Enjoy this inspirational tune tagged “i Testify”  by beautiful and talented gospel singer.

[DOWNLOAD MP3] Ada – I Testify

Abel Chungu Ft Chef 187 – Isenge


Abel Chungu, award winning songwriter, vocalist and one of the most happening worship leader IN Zambia. Nde Konka  Abel Chungu’s song from  Love Revolution,   Isenge and has written over 50 inspiring songs such as: ‘Icitemwiko’, ‘Imbaula’, ‘Isenge’, ‘Mulubakulu’ , ‘Super Man Stronger’ and more.

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Produced powerful albums overtime, including Worship of the Love Revolutionary, Love Unleashed and  Love Revolution .

[DOWNLOAD MP3] Abel Chungu Ft Chef 187 – Isenge

Abel Chungu – Dance Tonight

Love Revolution
Abel Chungu

Abel Chungu  is a Zambian gospel award winning songwriter, vocalist and one of the most happening worship leader of Zambia. Abel Chungu’s songs come from the heart and has written over 50 inspiring songs such as: ‘Icitemwiko’, ‘Imbaula’, ‘Isenge’, ‘Mulubakulu’ , ‘Super Man Stronger’ and more. Produced powerful albums overtime, including Worship of the Love Revolutionary, Love Unleashed and Love Revolution .

[DOWNLOAD MP3] Abel Chungu – Dance Tonight

Album Review: Abel Chungu – “Love Revolution“

“Love Revolution“
: Abel Chungu's 2018 - “Love Revolution“

Abel Chungu is one of the most consistent gospel Zambian musicians.

About 2 months ago, he released forthcoming on 21st of April, 2018. Following the successful release of 3 albums, including Worship of the Love Revolutionary, Love Unleashed and Love Unleashed .

His 4th album  “Love Revolution“ is no exception. Its a deep revealed follow up to his critically acclaimed album Worship of the Love Revolutionary.   the album as a whole. Before the unveiling of his fourth Album, Abel Chungu shared a few songs, including “Love Revolution“, Nde Konka featuring Ephraim. In the Album, is also a song featuring Jay Rox titled Call it Love.

Abel Chungu -  “Love Revolution“

“Love Revolution“ is beyond measure, comprising of  hiphop/dance and slow singing. The lyrics are so captivating and the content is positive. “Love Revolution“ will lift your spirit, because the Album covers various aspects of a christian. There collaboration on the album is with well known popular fellow Zambian singers Ephraim, James Sakala, Jay Rox, Ephraim, Amos & Josh, Chef 187 etc.

“Love Revolution”  featuring Esther Chungu and Mikrophone 7  expressing personal feelings and experiences. “Home is where my heart is”. My personal favorite track on the album is “Dance Tonight”. “I have got enermies to the left and my right”. This is an amazing dance song in which he tells how people negatively feel about him, so he just keeps doing what Jesus called him for and dancing.  

“Love Revolution“ also has amazing tunes, such as “Always got Jesus”. And other amazing tunes, including “Isenge” featuring hip hop front liner Chef 187. “Family”, talks about been inspired by been around your family and people that love you.  The production in the Album was handled by Abel Chungu himself,  and other producers  to give the Album a mixture of mid-tempo hiphop beats and dance vibes.

BUY  Abel Chungu’s – “Love Revolution“ Here

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Nigeria’s Sola Allyson Releases Brand New Album ÌMÚSE

Sola Allyson's Brand New Album ÌMÚSE

Nigeria’s well known and popular female singer Sola Allyson, unveils her brand new album ÌMÚSE. She also confirmed that she is giving it out the album for free. So you can download her brand new album ÌMÚSE.  

”So, after all had been put in place towards the release of my 7th Album, ÌMÚSE, I felt a nudge, a prodding by The MOST SENIOR PARTNER to release it for free!!! Yee! For what? How? Why? That what happened? It doesn’t make sense! How on earth? When it’s not that my works don’t sell! My world is always waiting for my songs! Well, my intellect fought, wriggled, struggled… The money spent, time, energy, MONEY! Ha, my expectations!

I tried to block it off my mind, and went ahead to discuss and “finalise” with Marketers… But my heart, which is sold out compltely to nudgings from Above, had to give in! And I have PEACE!

So, if I don’t give in to directions from the realms of The Giver of my gift, whom should I give in to? Fleeting flings with materialism? All these things shall be added!

Well, l’oro kan sha, in summary, ÌMÚSE would be yours for free! Ha, o já mi l’ara je! But I am sure GOD Is faithful and all is working together for the completion of the big picture! ÌMÚSE!

 ÌMÚSE Album Available on  http://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/album/1386260

[AUDIO] Joe Praize – “Holy Ghost”


Gospel music minister Joe praize, releases “Holy Ghost” . This his  brand new spirit song released less than 24 hours ago produced by mayo muziq.

[DOWNLOAD] Joe Praize – Holy Ghost

[AUDIO] Eben – Darling Jesus

Darling Jesus
Eben - Darling Jesus

Nigerian gospel crooner, Eben returns with a powerful song “Darling Jesus”. There aren’t enough dance moves to praise Him with for the great things he has done for us. Words are also not enough to express gratitude to God.


Join Eben in this enthralling and addictive praise song “Darling Jesus” and together we give up sweet praises and melodies to the almighty.

[DOWNLOAD NOW] Eben – Darling Jesus


[AUDIO] Wale Leshi – Stronger Than My Enemies

Wale Leshi
Stronger Than My Enemies

Based in Lagos Nigeria, Wale Leshi blesses delivers Stronger Than My Enemies. Currently he is a choir director at the Redeemed Christian Church of God. And at International Harvest Centre Parish. He describes his music as a sound of life, love and light and his response as a creation to his Creator.

[DOWNLOAD] Wale Leshi – Stronger Than My Enemies


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