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6 Proven Ways to finding a Boyfriend (Husband)

6 Proven Ways to finding a Boyfriend (Husband)
5 Proven Ways to finding a Boyfriend (Husband)

Most African countries have a population of more women, the opposite gender is more as compared to a number of men available this been the case for Zambia as well. So we have ladies searching online these days on how to find a boyfriend or husband? Well, the bible in Proverbs 18:22 says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord”. But this is actually in reference to men finding and looking for whom to marry, not women.

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But its so imperative and common in Africa to see men, looking for wives and women at the same time eyeing and aspiring the man to settle down with. Mostly these women hide there feelings other than just giving hints and signs of interest in you. I honestly do not know if its right for a woman to start looking for a man to date and marry because its not a bigger deal to find a boyfriend, and I believe you have a reason to start looking for ways on how to find a boyfriend and lover for yourself.

Maybe its due to the past experience, so you want to try out some new love shoes LOL :). Well that’s simple but the challenge is finding a person who will not just waist your time but also settle with you and maintaining your relationship once married. One thing for certain is, most women are dreamers and want to live beautiful moments with a dream child hood partner, so they try understanding ways on how to find a good boyfriend?

Again its not every woman that can find a Boyfriend, so this article is for those with a most frequent question on how to get a man. And hopefully finding a person who will love them.

So, why do Girls try to find a boyfriend?

Due to Age: After reaching a certain age, its hard in Africa to locate your special soul mate, its a common thing for ladies above the age of 25 years in Zambia. While others its because of location, living in a small city and lack of needed exposure with different people, so don’t wonder why Lusaka is very populated.

Reduction in Males: Another reason is because men have become few than compared to women. Zambia alone in 2018 had female population of 50.49 % in total, according to a collection of development indicator recorded by World Bank. More ladies, means less men so that’s why we’ve created (6) six simple proven tips for you to find a boyfriend and then paddle towards having a good serious relationship and hopefully get married.

1. Have confidence and feel good about yourself always.

The looks mostly don’t matter and should not be a reason for you to think less of your self. Just like Pompi stated in his song “Make Up”, there’s more to you than what beauty holds. Get your head straight up, brighten your day with music, feel great about yourself in order to make a man see the greatness in you. Let the fire shine in your eyes, remember your a star and the city that shines on top of a heel, that which can never be hidden. A woman who loves herself cares more, so men search for that thing making a woman to feel safer. Focus on beauty of course, but develop more self-esteem.

Push had to reach and attain higher levels of Self-love which is extremely important in your life. After this then you can begin on ways to getting a boyfriend. People will see you from how you see yourself and nothing else. So how you think you’re made, same applies to the way men will see you and categorize your status which is key to finding a partner.

2. Find a Church and Do not refuse invitations

I mentioned above, finding a Man is really not a bigger deal, but having someone around you whose matured and with the intent to settle down in marriage is a problem. Good men are found in good places, the Church is the place to begin looking for a man. The bible says, “the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom”, therefore he who fears the lord surely has wisdom. So grow your network with friends from Church, leave the house! serve God and men somehow will notice your love for God and follow you. REMEMBER! seek first the kingdom of God and the rest will follow.

Go out on dinner invites, live good times with friends go to parties. Off course bars are also a place to find a man but just from the term “bars”, surely you can relate the kind of men found in such places. As a christian the best place is work, parties, at church or any other place you can meet people.

3. Do not be rude to men.

If you want to have a serious relationship, learn how to properly handle those who will be coming after you. Its a best way to a long process of having to find a Boyfriend . Bad new travels faster so be extremely nice to guys someone out there might be watching you on a distance and observing your behavior. On the contrary, either you don’t like been inconvenienced you will have lose your face a smile when approached and not to scare them.

But again don’t be too nice and open so you look desperate for a man. Let things things happen naturally acting like you know nothing. There is a time for everything and if its your time for finding a man, then it will happen once the right moment has arrived, once the right person arrived.

4. Look good to find a Boyfriend and be happy at all times

Exchange your looks and ensure you have smiles on your face, this helps to find a Boyfriend more especially when with that guy you’re interested in. Suit your mood with the place you are into, anyone having fan wants to talk to someone who seems to be happy. So to get a boyfriend, you should show joy in your life and happiness, so always mile, cheer up, talk, and importantly be nice !

5. Put the phone addiction aside if you’re find a Boyfriend .

Nowadays, to find a boyfriend you must not show your device addiction. Men don’t like ladies taking selfies and chatting on social networks like Whatsapp instead of focusing on the conversation. In Zambia many people go out with friends to talk and for some its offensive to see you end up with the cell phone in your hand. Its acceptable if its a call you are answering, but typing on your phone makes other people think you on the social networks or looking at other guys, failing to participate in the conversation with a man you might be with. If you stay like this, addicted to a mobile device, It will be hard to meet nice people and find a boyfriend or have a relationship. So please put the phone addiction aside!

6. To find a Boyfriend, avoid talking too much.

The bible refers to a man been the head of the house and Christ is the head of the church. A man looks up to man according to the bible and African culture, but these days due to the so called human rights women always want to talk more. If you are to talk, use a cool tone in your voice, take the conversation light and easy for him to think of you been much of a talker. When speaking, control your bad habits and avoid to gossip about your friends, his friends or people he might know.

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Do not speak ill of another person always try creating some mystery about yourself. Have good manners, try to find unique ways on how to make this man, who might be your husband, after trying so hard to find a Boyfriend more interested in you and him to be sweethearts.

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