Meaning of Devil Comes to Steal Kill and Destroy


This article will discuss what it means The devil comes to steal kill and destroy, Jesus used the word “thief” to tell us that the devil is very good at stealing from people. He knew that if he did it directly, his actions would be recognized; That is why he steals from people in such a deceptive way that he often achieves his evil goals before they even realize he has stolen from them. This article explains meaning for the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy meaning.

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The thief cannot bear the fact that you have a blessing. Eventually, when he fails in his quest to steal things in your life, he will try to convince you to give up everything you have and love – simply because he does not want you to have it. He may even try to create a stressful situation that will lead you to conclude that your only option is to sacrifice the things you really love.

Jesus proceeded to say that the thief equally comes to destroy. To destroy in the context of the devil entails that something is earmarked for wasting and trashing. Using this word, we realize that if a thief tries to steal you or persuade you to sacrifice what you have. Then the thief will try to destroy it.

Satan once lived with God as Lucifer, a glorious angel, but because of his pride, he sought glory for himself. Because God would not tolerate competition for his glory and position, Lucifer was banished from heaven, and separated from God forever. A place called Hell was created for him and anyone who chooses to follow him.

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Satan also called devil, enemy, deceiver, thief, is not satisfied with his future in eternal hell. He is truly evil and will not stop doing his will; to take as many of us as possible to hell with us. He has an army of fallen angels working at his request, summoning anyone who invites him.

The thief wants to capture everything that is good in your life. In fact, this pickpocket is looking for every opportunity to go deep enough into your personal affairs. He does this so he can walk away with everything you deem to be valuable and valuable.

And that’s not all – when he finishes stealing all your belongings and possessions, he will carry out his plan to take you to the next level blindly. He will create conditions and situations so dire that you see no way to solve the problem other than the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy meaning.

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sacrificing whatever is left of his previous attack. The devil comes to steal kill and destroy, The aim of this thief is to completely waste and destroy your life. If nothing stops him, he will leave you bankrupt, broken, and unfinished in every area of your life. In the end, you will feel like you’re done and out of business! Make no mistake – the main goal of the enemy is to annihilate you.


The devil comes to steal kill and destroy, according to John 10:10,Luke 22:31,1 Peter 5:8 NIV The devil’s plan is not to burn along with his fallen angels (demons) in hellfire which was prepared for him and his allies after he rebelled against God. Therefore, his aim is to drag everyone he can lay his hands on to that dreadful place.


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