Chileshe Bwalya's Biography

When asked when she Started singing: Chileshe stated I can remember as far back as when I was 3 years old in kindergarten and through primary and secondary school. However I started ministry when I joined MBF in October 2012. It’s one thing to sing because you can and another to sing because you understand why God gave you the ability to do so. I had the ability but I just no purpose, Prophet Mwale and Prophetess Mwale have played a great deal in helping me grow. I did sing for friends and tv commercials and radio adverts but now it’s for Jesus. Where am I going? God has given me so many plans. We embarked on a mission to create a Holy Ghost Network of worshipers and believers to spread the word. My responsibility at the moment is to equip and prepare with other believers for Gods work. Plans: Right now we are focusing on spreading the gospel. We plan on advancing the gospel into every area of media movies, tv series and music.

The anointing was produced under prophetic instruction. My personal album is a dedication to all the people lost and drawing in a place that they don’t know how to come out of. It will be for them Vission:

Mathew 10:7-8. I was fished out of darkness through people who submitted to Gods word. There are many out there who are the way I used to be. I just want them to know the God that I have come to know. People need to be healed through the word of God that is in the music. Its every Christians responsibility to spread the gospel. Charity work: I am fortunate enough to belong to a ministry that believes in true religion according to the word of God (James 1:27) there are a couple of projects that the church (MBF) has embarked on to help school going children “AMAKASA PROJECT” It’s aim is to provide shoes for school going children as many do need assistance in this area, and Miracle Hands also to help widows sustain a living and support and partners with 4 orphanages, one for children living with HIV/AIDS, another for disabled and mentally challenged children aged 13yrs and below and another drop in centre to help children attain quality education .

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