Neon Adejo – Take It Away
Neon Adejo – Take It Away

Nigeria’s singing star Neon Adejo of Blackcentury Music Gospel Recording Artiste, shares the new single “Take It Away”. “TAKE IT AWAY” is a song birthed. And a prayer that will transform your lives and help recover your relationship with the Father.”

Neon Adejo, shared that the inspiration to write this song was coming from a certain time in his life, when He couldn’t approach the presence of God, due to the struggles of the struggles of life.

The song was produced by Caleb David.

Neon Adejo – Take It Away
Take It Away
Neon Adejo – Take It Away Take It Away

Check the story behind this song below

“One morning, I made the decision to just stay in God’s presence and not say a word, then all of a sudden my lips began to quiver and these exact words came out “IF THERE BE ANYTHING THAT HINDERS ME FROM YOU. TAKE AWAY. PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY.” Neon Adejo Said, I continuously sang these words for 3 years until the Holy Spirit said; “It’s time for the world to partake in this revival sound.”

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