Home Editorial “No More Silence”, Says Racheal & Other Gospel Artists

“No More Silence”, Says Racheal & Other Gospel Artists

“No More Silence”, Says Racheal & Other Gospel Artists

Gospel musicians join the fight not to be silenced. For almost a week now, tension continues among musicians in Zambia refusing to be silenced. This started when Dance-hall musician B-Flow expressed he was displeased with the mistreatment people are facing from the Chinese counterparts. Lusaka province minister Hon Bowman Lusambo, then ordered him to apologize in retaliation to the statement made.

Since then many have risen, despite Kings Malembe going through with the apology. So far we have seen Ephraim, Abel Chungu, and now renown gospel musician Rachael just joined the voices speaking against government.

People demand answers over whats happening in Zambia. A statement was later made, concerning the new Gold mine in northwestern province, which seems to be on the way of been sold or given out in debt exchange. In another developing story, the government was to embark on paying 5 million dollars consultation fee on how to restructure the debt to China. This among other things have hungered people, making them wonder what is really going on in this country.

There’s a all lot, including plundering of resources, corruption, and poor accountability. All this been a source of the retaliation you’re seen form the citizens today.

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