Pastor Gift Uplifts Congregation with Soul-Stirring Melodies at Bread of Life Church International


In a night filled with spiritual resonance, Pastor Gift, a prominent Zambian minister, graced the stage at Bread of Life Church International in Emmasdale, Lusaka, during the Prophetic Overnight event held on 31 December 2024. However, it wasn’t just spoken words that filled the sanctuary; it was the soul-stirring melodies of Pastor Gift’s singing that brought a divine ambiance to the congregation.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Pastor Gift, known as #PstGk, took the stage under the visionary leadership of Bishop Joseph Imakando. With each note, the minister seamlessly intertwined prophecies of Abundant Harvest and Divine Overflow for the upcoming year, 2024. Congregants were not only moved by the lyrical prowess but also captivated by the profound spiritual messages embedded in the songs.

Following the performance, Pastor Gift took to social media, expressing gratitude to God, Bishop Joseph Imakando, and the church leadership for the opportunity to minister through music. The post hinted at the fulfillment of prophecy through the melodic expressions, leaving followers and fans eager for more.

“Always grateful to God for Dad, Bishop Joseph Imakando, and the Leadership for the opportunity,” Pastor Gift wrote in the post, accompanied by the hashtags #PstGk, #PropheticCrossOvernight, and #abundantharvest2024.

As news of Pastor Gift’s soul-stirring performance spreads, the online community is abuzz with excitement and anticipation. Congregants and music enthusiasts alike are sharing their experiences, describing the event as a unique and spiritually enriching encounter.

I was honored to be accorded an opportunity to minister at the Bread of Life Church International, Emmasdale, Lusaka, Zambia during the Prophetic overnight.

This is a continuous fulfilment of prophecy and one day the story will be told.

Always grateful to God for Dad, Bishop Joseph Imakando and the Leadership for the opportunity.

2024 is for Abundant Harvest and Divine Overflow!


The captivating blend of prophecy and music has positioned Pastor Gift as a transformative force in the realm of worship. With the echoes of his prophetic melodies still resonating, believers eagerly await the fulfillment of the declared prophecies for 2024, convinced that the divine overflow is not only spoken but beautifully sung into existence.


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