Penjani Mzumara - Biography - Who is He?
Penjani Mzumara - Biography - Who is He?

Penjani is a Blantyre based rapper, song writer, beat maker, and graphic designer. He started rapping in 2009 during his high school time thou he couldn’t record. He first recorded his first track in 2013. In 2015 Penjani joined a Christian movement at Poly Technique well known as Cornerston Muziq which was co-founded by a Christian Rapper known as TNO.

After gaining so much confidence, Penjani managed to release an EP called ‘’Something Out Of Nothing’’ (S.O.O.N) in 2017, and the project won an award (SPIRITUNEZ ONLINE AWARDS) as best Album/Project of the year. After that he released two singles which are still enjoying airplay up
to date. Penjani has worked with artists like Pro Gain, Kelvin Sings, Shammah Vocals, Saxess, TNO, Regenerate, just to mention a few. And he has shared the stages with artists with big names in the industry.

Instagram: @itspenjani
Twitter: @Itspenjani
Facebook: Penjani (


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