Stevie G – Mwalindwila Akale

Stevie g - Mwalindwila Akale
Stevie g - Mwalindwila Akale


Zambian gospel contemporary music minister Stevie G shares his popular worship tune, titled Mwalindwila Akale, after Ikila Uilange. Mwalindwila Akale which means God already fought for us. Stevie G is a contemporary gospel artist known for his diversity of genres. He further stressed that Jesus has already fought for us on the album with this song called ‘Mwalindwila Akale ‘.

It’s an embodiment of piercing sounds that will help to strengthen the focus of many on the cross, and give deep insights of [Jesus] overwhelming love and promises to us. We may be uncertain about the things he’s done, but we are not ignorant of his power, for God is the man of war and the hope for a better tomorrow.

Enjoy and be blesssed


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