There Is More Album
Hillsong Worship - There Is More Album

There is More at stake, our souls, families, nations wrestle through the night seasons and Our personal freedom is up for a fight, says There Is More Album.

There is More of God and more to God and His love than we can possibly conceive. This the message in Hillsong Worship’s ‘There Is More’ Album, which Debute at No. 2 on Top Christian Albums Chart.

It goes right back to the beginning of the Bible, in the book of Genesis, where one man had an encounter that changed everything. The Encounter, Jacob had with God sparks meaningful change. Challenge any encounter that’s the message in Hillsong Worship’s new 2018 album There is More.

There Is More Album from Hillsong Worship, carries a message that God sees potential in who we are.  God there is more, Hillsong Worship proclaims in the new Album. Consisting of 11 new songs.  There Is More Album, challenges us to shout for more in life, and from God.

Hillsong Worship Inspired by the story of Jacob wrestling with God, There is More to this album by Hillsong Worship, which has amazing  songs like ‘Who You Say I Am’, ‘The Passion’, ‘Be Still’, and and a new version of Hillsong UNITED’s So Will I (100 Billion X), There is More promises to be Hillsong’s most bold and life-changing release yet.

You need to set a mission and to faith to succeed. Defeat wasn’t Jacobs portion and he was ready to fight. There is a need of being up close with the God, and not being overwhelmed by it all.  It;s a blessing seeing Hillsong Worship Returning with powerful songs and life changing message.  The battle of Jacob and how he wrestled with God will change many. You can never forget such and an encounter, one that leaves you with a a new name and a new purpose.

The Hillsong Worship Album, “There Is More”  is available on ITUNES


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