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The Bible, written in Roman times, reflects the spirit of this time and society, also talks of what God says about boyfriends. An example is that in the Bible women are described as inferior to men. They are not even considered owners of their own bodies. According to the Bible, a woman belongs to her husband (which is very similar to Roman law).

What God says about boyfriends, women and relationships?

Before a woman was married, her father was responsible for her. Marriage was the girl’s only purpose in life. This is still the norm in some not-so-well-to-do rural African communities. At that point, she had to take care of the housework and deliver the baby. Before she got married, it was her duty to study and prepare for these tasks. But now, things have changed and a woman can choose to have a boyfriend before she gets married. But does the Bible talk about love for a boyfriend?

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The Bible does not talk about a girlfriend’s love for a boyfriend. If anything, boyfriend and girlfriend relationships as we know them today, never existed in the ancient world or in Roman times when the Bible was written. When Judea was under Roman rule and occupation, the girls lived indoors and were watched closely.

If a girl’s reputation was tarnished in any way, she was considered broken merchandise. She was on the verge of leaving the marriage market. The policy of raping girls and women by Roman soldiers in the lands they occupied was a form of terrorism. Not only because of their injuries but also because of their long-term consequences. Society required the couple not to spend time alone until the engagement.

Although the Bible is silent on the issue of a girl or lady having a boyfriend, let alone love for the boyfriend, most Christian communities today acknowledge, and some especially in the west, even encourage their daughters to have boyfriends with emphasis placed on purpose for getting one – marriage.

The purpose for getting a boyfriend therefore should have the possibility of marriage. Dating is not just about playing around and having fun. It is really just a waste of time you could waste looking for a partner. If you have to date, make sure you pick the right people, so try not to spend time

meeting people you know you will not be spending the rest of your life with. The real purpose of this meeting is mainly to see if you are suitable to spend your life together.

However, as a Christian, you have to treat your boyfriend in a certain way. First, he can be someone else’s husband, not yours, so do not treat him like yours. The golden rule applies here: Do you want someone to take advantage of your man just because they have met him before you? Treat your boyfriend the same way you would want the girlfriend of your future husband to treat him.

The danger of a boyfriend is the temptation to do things only permitted by married people – sex. Therefore, resist relationships as admonished by the Bible in the book of 2 Timothy 2:22. This urges you to run away from youthful passions and seek everything that is holy together with those whose hearts equally long for God.

Conclusion: What God says about boyfriends?

What God says about boyfriends? [Answer] There is no verse in the Bible that talks about love for a boyfriend. The only male/female relationship acknowledged in the Bible is that of husband and wife. Nevertheless, some Christian communities acknowledge and encourage their daughters to have and love their boyfriends. However, there is a need to be careful so as not to start indulging in illicit activities which God prohibits.



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