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Zambian music and gospel music  are very common trends closely related in Zambia. Music represents our cultural heritage, and gospel music hold a spiritual affiliation contributing to the strong faith of the nation, building and shaping of the country’s identity.

Zambian Tunes History

Zed music is form of genre that has continued to exist in different styles. Music in Zambia is presented in various forms and contexts, a few musicians have adapted to the west African sounds of Afropo and Raggae music making. The countries music genre is rooted from traditional music, popular, jazz, neo-traditional and choral. Gospel music is traced from the 12th century. Bantu settlers arrived in Zambia with diverse methods of making sounds, including cultural practices which led to the worshipping of Gods and spirits.

Traditional tribes of Zambia belonging to different cultures joined the lifetstyle of Bantu setllers. Practices evolved into music, leading to dance and rituals, Western Christian settlers arrived in 19th century with preachers. Zambian traditional religious music, became part of the Zambian custom and tradition. Music translated communication among village marriages. Music acted as a medium to call spirits in the local ethnic tribes. Today gospel music has spread across African Countries, Including Nigerian and South Africa.


Famous Zambian Gospel Musician Pompi

Gospel Music Roots 

Defined as the genre of Christian music by many, who first published use of the term “gospel songs” probably appeared in 1874. Original gospel songs written by George F. Root, Philip Bliss, Charles H. Gabriel and William Doane. Understanding is different for this genre.

Gospel music involves singing using dominant vocals  with Christian lyrics. Composed and performed for a purposes of praising and worshiping God.  Zambian gospel music, involved Hymns, which led to sacred songs repeated in a uniform fashion. Churches adapted the system of clapping, foot stomping to create a rhythm, and a cappella.

Zambian gospel music is a  synthesis of African, Afro-American and western music, dance, poetry, drama and oral traditions. An expression for the love of God. Represents hope of salvation and Christian beliefs. Piano, guitar and drums, mostly integrated  in this genre. Christian worship characterizes songs of worship, within the realm of “songs of worship”.


Zambian Popular Gospel Musician Reuben

Zambia Declared A Christian Nation

Dr. Frederick Chiluba, has had a major role of promoting gospel music in Zambia. Been the man that headed the declaration of Zambia as a Christian country in the year 1991. The second Republican President Rupiah Banda, cemented the Christian declaration and prayed for God to bless Zambia and protect it from anti-Christians.

In the end Zambian Music provided a major impact in Christianity and Christian worship in the country. Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ). Few months after 1991 Declaration, positive shift got born in the foundation of gospel music and worship songs in Zambia. Not forgetting the increase in Christian awareness among local Christians and the demand for gospel singers.

Rapid development and growth of the gospel music industry emerged. Local musicians have now adapted an international touch for producing gospel music, and one would state that Zambia been a Christian country has promoted the local gospel industry.

Position Of Gospel Music and Zambian music

Gospel music follows history of the past decade. Back in the days, it was hard dealing with issues of authorship and ownership (copyrights). The recognition and claiming of copyrights in gospel music has contributed to the promotion of this genre in Zambia. Gospel musicians today are now regarded as creative masterminds, delivering a rare  product in the Zambian music industry. Read more . Nothing much is different, only that it’s easy to establish the gospel lyrics and targeted audience.

Zambian Gospel Industry Today

Gospel music has reached it’s apex been a commercial genre. Today gospel music in Zambia, comprises of  a variety of artists from different towns.  church choirs, and other individual, including groups have become promising prominent household names. This genre is It is being played in buses, christian parties, political or any other social gatherings including in night clubs and churches. Mathew Ngosa, is among the top Zambian musicians that rose prominent after the release of ‘Ukulolela’. This became the household anthem 2011 representing Zambian gospel music in Zambia.


Popular Gospel Musicians Abel Chungu MusukaZambian gospel songs have resulted in the use of appropriate  strategies in the ‘showbiz’. Its has become just like any other popular genres. Gospel musicians now have qualified managers and marketing agencies. Amazing Music videos and well organized concerts host a huge number of people. Top selling local outlets Sound Arcade, sell thousands of Gospel copies in Zambia. Helping the music industry move from old trends to convenient settings for the performance of conventional sacred/religious music.

In recent times, we have seen new trends and ways of motivating gospel musicians. Demand for this genre has risen to the standards of those in the secular showbiz. Competitive levels of artistry and aesthetics among gospel musicians. Gospel musicians and circular musicians, work together to send out a message. Macky 2 recently released a song with Ephraim dabbed “Umutima Wandi”.

Gospel Musicians And Circular Artist’s

This includes performing on the same stage Read more. Several popular secular musicians have been motivated to include a gospel song or two in their album releases. Zambian music is changing surely, Abel Chungu in the album love revolution featured a secular rapper Chef 187 in a song “Isenge”. His artistic skills and the experience of gospel musicians influenced with pure production from great music producers of  gospel songs, the song came out to be motivating and comforting.

Chef 187

Zambian Musician Chef 187

The Industry of gospel music has  experienced a noticeable drift. Artist have converted from secular musicians to gospel singers and limited to releasing strictly gospel music. Pompi is an example of those that stopped singing secular music and opted for gospel songs. The move is due to been “born again”, and using a God given talent to exclusively glorify God”.

The include, K’millian, John Chiti, Israel (formerly known as Exile), Nalu, Francia, Sakala Brothers, Kanji, MaNase, Damiano, etc. And not many if a few gospel musicians convert into secular performers.

Gospel In The Zambian Mainstream

Any Zambian society is an integral part of worship  on its own.  Zambia is a Christian nation, embraces all forms of Christian worship, allowing the environment all sorts performance and promotion of gospel music. Gospel music continues to occupy an important  place in Zambia. Provides spiritual healing to the nation, unity and love. gospel creates  job opportunities and wealth for singers.

Zambian Music Industry

Easy popularity, highly influencial, having a wider market sustained though strategic programming on both television and radio stations. Available private TV and radio stations in the country, and those strictly for Christian content is a positive force towards the attainment of the current state of affairs.

Government inroduced religious and affairs ministry to recognize Zambian Music, religious, social and economic impact of gospel music in the nation. Supports and helps develop,  and promote the genre of gospel music through the National Arts Council. Christian Arts Promotions (CHAPRO), supports the development and promotion of gospel in Zambia. CHAPRO promotes gospel musicians by organizing events with awards for Gospel Musicians. Outstanding talented deserving gospel artists are given credit.


Zambian Popular Gospel Musician Ephraim

Gospel Musicians Existing In Zambia Today

Zambian Music amateurs evolve to professionals  gospel music is a competitive industry aswell. Outstanding musicians working hard to manage and to sustain large numbers of patrons over a long period of time. Others have slowly captured a huge portion of the market in terms of followers and sales of albums.

Here is a list of some gospel musicians that have impacted the Zambian gospel scene include Kings Malemba, Papa Bruce, Mathew Ngosa, BJ Ngosa, Racheal Nanyangwe, Judith Kawama, Theresa Kabwita, Rebecca, Karen, Ephraim, Pompi, Mag44, Abel Chungu, Suwilanji and Nathan Nyirenda. Groups, include Peace Preachers, Mt. Sinai and the Adonai Pentecostal Singers.

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