Apostle Joshua Selman – “Breathe Upon”

Joshua Selman
Joshua Selman


Apostle Joshua Selman’s Powerful Song: ‘Breathe Upon’ – Unveiling the Spiritual Revelation”. In the world of spiritual leaders and ministers, Apostle Joshua Selman stands out not only for his powerful sermons and teachings but also for the divine songs he receives in the place of prayer. In this blog post, we delve into one of his latest revelations of the Apostle Joshua Selman “Breathe Upon”: The song “Breathe Upon,” which he received while preparing for the September Miracle Service.

Apostle Joshua Selman “Breathe Upon”

Join us on this spiritual journey as we explore the depths of this transformative song. Apostle Joshua Selman received the song “Breathe Upon” during his time of prayer and preparation for the September Miracle Service. This song is a profound expression of his deep connection with the divine and his desire to see the manifestation of God’s power and wisdom in the lives of believers and the nations at large.


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The lyrics of the song are simple yet impactful:

  • Breathe Lord, breathe
  • Breathe Lord, breathe
  • Breathe upon my life

These lines convey a powerful plea for the breath of God to bring life and transformation. It’s a cry for the divine touch that has the potential to change destinies and bring about a profound spiritual awakening.

The Manifestation of God’s Power and Wisdom

In the next part of the song, Apostle Joshua Selman sings:

  • I receive, I manifest
  • Your power
  • and Your wisdom
  • Till the nations see Jesus
  • Lifted up, exalted

This segment reflects the deep desire to not only receive God’s power and wisdom but also to manifest them in our lives. It emphasizes the importance of living a life that reflects the teachings and character of Jesus Christ. The ultimate goal is for the nations to witness the exaltation of Jesus Christ through the lives of believers.