Nathaniel Bassey – Jesus Iye


Distinguished Nigerian gospel maestro and prolific songwriter, Nathaniel Bassey, has delivered an enthralling musical creation he has aptly named “Jesus Iye.” This breathtaking addition to his discography was unveiled to the world in the year 2023, marking another illustrious chapter in his remarkable journey within the gospel music domain. Nathaniel Bassey has once again proven his prowess in crafting uplifting and spiritually resonant compositions. This song is poised to serve as a beacon of hope and joy, not only to individuals in his homeland but to audiences across the entire nation, with its captivating and inspiring message.

“Jesus Iye” represents Nathaniel Bassey’s third release of the year, following closely behind his previous works, “Iba,” a collaboration with the gifted artists Dunsin Oyekan and Dasola Akinbule. In these tracks, Nathaniel Bassey’s vocal virtuosity and creative ingenuity take center stage, showcasing his versatile talents in the realm of gospel music.

Beyond his impressive recorded music, Nathaniel Bassey is renowned for his captivating stage presence. His live performances are electrifying, marked by an unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm that is nothing short of infectious. The vivacious and vibrant persona he exudes on stage ensures that his audience is wholly engaged and immersed in the musical experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who bear witness to his live shows.


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