Prayer points by Apostle Joshua Selman

Prayer points by Apostle Joshua Selman pdf:


Welcome to a compilation of 100 prayer points inspired by the teachings of Apostle Joshua Selman, focusing on the vital aspects of family health and financial prosperity. In this collection, we will delve into powerful prayers that cover various facets of well-being for your loved ones and invoke divine abundance in your financial endeavors.

Apostle Joshua Selman, renowned for his deep understanding of spiritual principles and profound insight into the Word of God, emphasizes the importance of aligning our prayers with God’s will to experience transformation and breakthroughs in our lives. These prayer points serve as a guide to help you navigate the realm of prayer, seeking God’s intervention and blessings for your family’s health and financial journey.

Within these prayer points, you will find declarations of protection, divine healing, emotional and mental well-being, financial breakthrough, wisdom in financial management, debt cancellation, favor in business and careers, generational blessings, supernatural increase, and divine guidance in financial decisions. Each prayer point is designed to ignite faith, stir your spirit, and enable you to communicate effectively with the Creator of the universe.

As you engage with these prayer points, remember that prayer is a personal and intimate conversation between you and God. Feel free to adapt these prayers to suit the specific needs and circumstances of your family. Additionally, it is important to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you pray, allowing Him to lead you into a deeper understanding of God’s will and His plans for your family’s health and financial prosperity.

So, prepare your heart, align your faith, and let us embark on this transformative journey of prayer together, believing for miraculous breakthroughs, divine healing, and supernatural provision for your family. May these prayer points serve as a catalyst for encountering God’s abundant blessings and experiencing His transforming power in every area of your life.

Prayer points by Apostle Joshua Selman pdf

  1. Praying for Divine Protection
  • Lord, I commit my family into Your hands. Surround us with a hedge of protection against any form of sickness or disease.
  • I decree supernatural immunity over every member of my family, shielding us from the attacks of the enemy.
  1. Praying for Physical Health
  • Father, I ask for divine health to manifest in every area of my family’s lives. Let every sickness and infirmity be uprooted from our bodies.
  • I command every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies to function perfectly according to Your design.
  1. Praying for Emotional and Mental Well-being
  • Lord, I pray for emotional stability and soundness of mind for every member of my family. Heal any wounds or traumas that may be affecting us.
  • I bind the spirit of anxiety, depression, and fear, and I release the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.
  1. Praying for Financial Breakthrough
  • Heavenly Father, I declare that my family is blessed in our finances. Open the windows of heaven and pour out financial abundance upon us.
  • I break every curse of poverty and lack over my family’s life, and I activate the spirit of prosperity and wealth.
  1. Praying for Wisdom in Financial Management
  • Lord, grant my family wisdom in handling our finances. Teach us to be good stewards and guide us in making wise investments.
  • Help us to prioritize our spending, save diligently, and be generous in giving to others.
  1. Praying for Debt Cancellation
  • I speak to every debt hanging over my family’s head and command it to be canceled in the name of Jesus. Release supernatural provision to clear our debts.
  • I decree a release of financial miracles and divine favor to help us overcome any financial burdens.
  1. Praying for Favor in Business and Careers
  • Father, I ask for divine favor to be upon every business endeavor and career pursuit of my family members. Open doors that no one can shut and connect us with strategic opportunities.
  • Let the work of our hands be blessed, and grant us favor in the sight of our employers, clients, and customers.
  1. Praying for Generational Blessings
  • Lord, I pray for generational blessings to flow in my family. Break every generational curse and release the blessings of Abraham upon us.
  • Let every negative pattern in our family lineage be destroyed, and let a legacy of prosperity and health be established for generations to come.
  1. Praying for Supernatural Increase
  • I decree an increase in every area of my family’s life. Let our income multiply, our investments grow, and our resources expand supernaturally.
  • I break every spirit of stagnation and limitation and release a spirit of progress and advancement.
  1. Praying for Divine Guidance in Financial Decisions
  • Holy Spirit, I invite Your wisdom and guidance as we make financial decisions. Lead us to opportunities that align with Your perfect will for our lives.
  • Help us discern between wise investments and deceptive schemes, and give us the courage to step into new ventures.


Note: These prayer points are not directly from Apostle Joshua Selman but are inspired by his teachings on family health and financial prosperity. It is always recommended to personalize your prayers and seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in your prayer life.




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