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5 Ways To Fix A Broken Marriage Or Relationship

Your Can still Fix A Broken Marriage, Don't quit on it just yet In Africa they say, "a devil you know is way better than the angel you do not know." All...

6 Proven Ways to finding a Boyfriend (Husband)

Most African countries have a population of more women, the opposite gender is more as compared to a number of men available this been the case for Zambia as well. So we...

5 Ways To Love Your Zambian Spouse And Maintain Peace

Zambia is a very beautiful country, blessed with peace, not forgetting the beautiful lifestyle people enjoy. But complications follow, especially those in love sometimes, men having issues with there wives...

30 Bible Bible Verses About Marriage

The Bible is not just an ordinary book. It contains aspects of a persons life from bible verses about marriage wealth, health, love, prayer, knowledge and of course healing. Below are the...

60 Bible Verses About Love

Have you ever asked yourself why every appliance comes with a manual book?. The Bible is a manual book for humans and these are the best verses about love that speak of the...
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